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  • Neotech Soft Sax Strap® - Product Peek
  • Woodwind Loop Connector

Soft Sax® Strap (#Sidewalk)

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  • #Soft Sax® Strap - Regular Open Black (Sidewalk) - $11.47 (16)
  • #Soft Sax® Strap - Regular Open Red (Sidewalk) - $11.47 (4)
  • #Soft Sax® Strap - Regular Open Royal (Sidewalk) - $11.47 (1)
  • #Soft Sax® Strap - Regular Open Wine (Sidewalk) - $11.47 (4)
  • #Soft Sax® Strap - Junior Swivel Forest (Sidewalk) - $12.07 (1)
  • #Soft Sax® Strap - Regular Metal Black (Sidewalk) - $12.07 (1)
  • #Soft Sax® Strap - X-Long Open Black (Sidewalk) - $12.07 (2)
  • #Soft Sax® Strap - Junior Swivel Black (Sidewalk) - $12.77 (1)
  • #Soft Sax® Strap - Regular Swivel Black (Sidewalk) - $12.77 (58)
  • #Soft Sax® Strap - Regular Swivel Forest (Sidewalk) - $12.77 (4)
  • #Soft Sax® Strap - Regular Swivel Red (Sidewalk) - $12.77 (3)
  • #Soft Sax® Strap - Regular Swivel Royal (Sidewalk) - $12.77 (2)
  • #Soft Sax® Strap - Regular Swivel Wine (Sidewalk) - $12.77 (1)

Quick Overview

Reduced Price: $11.47-$13.37 (MSRP: $23.00–$26.75)

# Factory Seconds - Cosmetic Defect  There may be cosmetic defects in the product but they will not affect the performance of the product. There is a limited amount of these products left in stock. Once the stock is sold, they will no longer be available for purchase. Product packaging may or may not be included.

  • Fits most saxophones, clarinets, English horns, bassoons and oboes
  • Easy to attach with a choice of four connectors:
    • Open hook
    • Swivel hook
    • Plastic coated metal hook
    • Loop Connector
  • Very strong and durable

The revolutionary Soft Sax Strap actually helps reduce uncomfortable neck and shoulder pressure, fatigue and bounce. The innovative design incorporates neoprene with a comfort-stretch backing.

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$11.47 - $13.37
$11.47 - $13.37
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