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Straps, Pouches and Accessories for the Musical Instrument Industry

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Neoprene straps for instruments
Made in the USA
Sax Practice Harness
Bassoon Seat Strap
Slimline Strap
Sousaphone Shoulder Pad and Sousaphone Cradle Pad

Rockin' Improved Products

Mandolin/Ukulele StrapThe leading cause of hook breakage is when a hook lodges sideways against the instrument putting excess torque and pressure on it. Neotech's new Swivel Guard Hook (available on the Super Harness and the Soft Harness) features a mechanism that minimizes the possibility of this occurring.

Slimline End Pin JackThe Acoustic End Pin Jack version uses a custom Slimlock™ attachment which is designed specifically for the end pin jack. As a result, the opening is a bit larger so that you can plug in directly through the Slimlock™.


New Products

MegaBassShort A shorter Mega Bass strap, with all the greatness of the original.

Bassoon Seat StrapThe Bassoon Seat Strap is the ideal way to add comfort when playing long sessions in the rehearsal room or performances in the concert hall.