OP/TECH USA Ambassador Profile: Jon Fischer

OP/TECH USA Ambassador Profile: Jon Fischer
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Jon, thanks so much for taking the time for this interview! We are so excited to welcome you into our OP/TECH USA family and to partner with you as a brand ambassador.

Your landscape photography is incredible! Can you tell us about when you became a photographer?

I started getting into photography in early 2012. I was into cycling and was looking for another reason to get outdoors. I had a bout with skin cancer when I was younger. I was kind of afraid of being outdoors for a long time. Between cycling and photography, it really helped reconnect me with the outdoors. It's helped me connect with nature...to slow down and enjoy what is out there.

That's amazing! There is something so healing about being out in nature.

Can you tell us more of what you did to get started in photography?

I got my first DLSR in 2012 and it kind of snowballed from there. Within a year, I started taking photo trips and now pretty much all my vacation time is dedicated to photography and traveling. 3-4 times a year I will take a week, to two week trips, traveling the United States. I've also traveled to the UK and New Zealand several years ago. Photography is where my heart is. It helps me to connect with my creative side.

Thanks for sharing that with us! I always love to hear back stories about how people became photographers.

What have been some of your favorite accomplishments in your photography career?

I really do it more for myself than anything...getting out and having those special moments in nature. But also coming home and getting to share those moments with people and inspiring them to go out and enjoy nature- hearing people say, “I want to go there and experience that.” That's really what I am in it for more than anything else. As for the business side, I did just recently sell an image for a 2 page layout in a magazine that will come out this fall. A local Texas magazine will be using it. It's actually one of my older images that they wanted to use so I just closed a deal on that. I have also been featured in several magazines both here in the United States and in Europe. Mostly online magazines, but still published.

You mentioned Texas- are you from Texas? If so, how long have you lived there?

Yes, I am from Texas. I have lived here my entire life. I was born near DFW. It's me and my wife that live here. My family lives within the area too and I call Texas home full time- but I enjoy traveling a lot. The cost of living in Texas helps me travel more.

How cool! I am also a Texas native!

In regards to OP/TECH USA products, can you tell us some of your go-to gear?

I have the Envy Strap™ on all of my DSLRs. I have one in each color for all of my different cameras. I have 4 different DLSRs and to know which one I'm grabbing, I can just quickly look at the color of the strap. It gave a real boost to my productivity. For example, if I have 2-3 cameras in the back of the truck, if I want the 50 megapixel, I just look for the red strap. The Envy Strap™ is just so comfortable. I usually have 2 of them on me at one time and cross them. I've also got the Pro Strap™ that I use as a sling strap when I am using bigger lenses. I also look forward to using my new Tripod Strap for when I am hiking! Additionally, I'm into astrophotography and being able to remove the straps, using the connectors you have, has been really good to help prevent movement from any potential wind- especially when you are doing long exposures for night skies.

How did you learn about OP/TECH USA straps?

That's a good question! I've been using OP/TECH straps since early 2013/2014. I was looking for a better strap. I think it was probably after I had my collar bone break in 2012. I was using a strap, and it was putting pressure around my collar bone break, so I was looking for a better padded strap. I probably found it on Amazon or one of the other retailer's sites and saw the description of the memory foam and the extra padding.

Why should photographers and videographers use OP/TECH USA Products?

It's awesome quality and the functionality is just there. The comfort, the flexibility and the durability are the big 3 things and I have never had a problem with any one of those 3 things. It's held up. Its comfortable and durable and let's me do what I need to do with the camera.

As stated at the beginning, we thank Jon so much for sharing his time with us and we cannot wait to see the amazing work he will produce in the future as well! We appreciate his partnership as an ambassador and appreciate him using and supporting our products! We are thankful we get the opportunity to help Jon live his passion!

What is your passion?! Let us know in the comments!

More examples of Jon's work below!

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