ONline seller policy





Neotech is committed to working with customers to facilitate the sale of Neotech’s products through ecommerce channels. Neotech’s maintains an eCommerce Authorized Reseller Policy to protect Neotech’s brand and intellectual property, as well as authorized channel partners. This policy is also in place to protect end customers, ensuring they receive accurate product information, pricing and customer service that meets Neotech’s standards. Finally, the policy works to ensure fair competition among resellers as well as supporting those who have invested in stocking and marketing Neotech’s products and abide by Neotech’s policies and programs. Neotech’s will interpret and enforce this policy at its sole discretion. In order to be considered an eCommerce Authorized Reseller (“Reseller”), you must meet the following requirements:


Sell on Approved Websites Only


· Unless otherwise explicitly authorized in writing by the President subsequent to the effective date of this policy, Resellers may only take orders via websites owned and operated by their own company. Selling on third party marketplaces (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.), drop- ship accounts (e.g.,,, Newegg, etc.) or classified sites (e.g., Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) is strictly prohibited.


Maintain Accurate Brand & Product Information


· Maintain proper use of all Neotech’s trademarks.

· Sell product only in original packaging.

· Do not duplicate, or develop different, UPCs to differentiate a product.


Sell Only to End Users


· Only distributors purchasing products directly from Neotech are authorized to resell products to Resellers in accordance with this policy.

· Resellers should not sell Neotech’s products to other eCommerce resellers. Neotech recognizes that sales to eCommerce resellers may inadvertently occur from time to time. Therefore, in the event you inadvertently transact with other ecommerce resellers, you must disclose the details of those transactions (e.g., when and to whom such products were sold) so that Neotech may enforce this policy.

· Sellers transacting Neotech products through eCommerce that did not procure product from Neotech, or an authorized distributor of Neotech, directly, are not authorized to sell Neotech’s products online or use Neotech’s trademarks, copyrights, images or product information. Neotech’s reserves the right to take enforcement action against the seller and supplier of the product in accordance with this policy.


Unauthorized Exports or Marketing in Other Countries


· You shall cooperate with Neotech in preventing unauthorized exportation of the Products. You shall not advertise for sale or ship Products outside of the U.S. or sell Products to any third party that advertises for sale or ships the Products outside of the U.S., in each case without the prior written consent of Neotech.


Customer Confusion


· You may not advertise, market, promote, display, demonstrate, bundle or sell non-Neotech products in a manner that would create the impression that the non-Neotech products are made by, endorsed by, work with or are associated with Neotech products. You must ensure that the Neotech products never are misbranded or represented as another brand.


Disclose All Seller Names & Properties


· Maintain accurate and up-to-date company information and disclose all retail locations, web properties, temporary storefronts and seller names across all channels directly to Neotech. Any seller transacting through eCommerce must report all websites and seller names advertising or transacting Neotech’s products to


Neotech’s Minimum Advertised Price Policy


· All Resellers acknowledge they’ve received Neotech’s MAP policy from an authorized Neotech’s distributor or Neotech’s company. If MAP policy is violated, Reseller status will be revoked immediately.




· Resellers that fail to comply with any term in this policy will be subject to enforcement actions at Neotech’s discretion including but not limited to:

o Loss of authorization to sell Neotech’s products online

o Reseller will be given a reasonable amount of time to sell through inventory on hand if loss of authorization occurs

o Suspension of shipments

o Permanent termination of Resellers account with Neotech

o Resellers may not circumvent any term of this policy through any means. Neotech will interpret any violations of this policy in its sole discretion. No failure or delay of enforcing this policy shall be deemed a waiver of right. Neotech’s reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.


eCommerce Authorized Reseller Benefits


· Resellers that abide by all facets of this policy will be deemed authorized to sell Neotech’s products in ecommerce, provided they maintain constant adherence to the policy. Resellers understand they do not have any proprietary rights to Neotech’s trademarks or other intellectual

property but are authorized to use Neotech’s trademarks, copyrights, images and product information for the sole purpose of reselling Neotech’s products.