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Mega Strap

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Mega Strap™–Long & Midsize MSRP $47.25
Mega Strap™–Regular & Short MSRP $43.95
Mega Banjo Strap™ MSRP $48.75

  • Easy to attach
  • Tailored design with patented internal control-stretch system makes instruments feel 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable
  • Constructed of soft, durable neoprene, elastic material, and two layers of memory foam to add extra cushion and help wick away moisture

The Mega Strap™ Series eliminates shoulder fatigue and is available in sizes to fit every instrument—from the highest-positioned jazz bass to the lowest-slung rock-n-roll guitar. There's also a version for banjo!

Judas Priests' Ian Hill uses customized Neotech Mega Straps

Ian Hill of Judas Priest

Our friends at Premier Guitar Magazine recently interviewed Judas Priest bassist, Ian Hill. It was great to see his customized Neotech Mega Straps™ and Wireless Pouches™ prominently displayed on his instruments. We’re proud to be rockin’ out with one of the world’s greatest bands! See Ian discussing his backstage setup at 10:38 in the video.

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$43.95 - $48.75
$43.95 - $48.75

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