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Are you looking for a more supportive way to play your Tuba, Baritone or Euphonium? Whether you are standing, marching or sitting - the Holster Harness Series is the perfect solution. This innovative product designed exclusively by Neotech™ allows you to rest your instrument's bow into a sturdy, ballistic nylon holster. Which is also laminated with protective padding and a soft fabric interior - to prevent unwanted scratches and dents. The soft neoprene shoulder harness keeps the weight off your neck and distributes it evenly across both shoulders, creating a more comfortable playing experience and eliminating neck fatigue. 


For added stability, an upper strap fastens to the instrument to keep it from falling forward. The upper strap disconnects from the main harness and is looped through the instrument's strap ring or to the tubing if no ring is present. Can also be reattached to either the right or left side of the harness to better suit the musician’s individual playing style. A durable quick release buckle (up to 145lbs) makes getting in or out of the harness both fast and convenient.


The harness is easily customizable to fit most any instrument or body type. The length adjustments at the back of the harness will set the main length and angle, while additional adjusters in the front allow for fine-tuning the fit.


*For players with multiple sizes of instruments, you can purchase individual Holsters separately, allowing you to use one harness across several instruments.


*If you find that extra length is required for your body type and instrument, pairs of Holster Harness Extenders are available separately to add 4" (10.2cm) of length to each side of the harness.


  • Unique holster system supports the bow of the tuba while standing, marching or seated. The holster section is comprised of rugged ballistic nylon laminated with protective padding and a soft, non-marring fabric interior
  • Neoprene harness completes the design by keeping the instrument weight off the neck and evenly distributed across shoulders
  • Available in (4) sizes to fit a wide variety of instruments
  • Upper support strap can be used on right or left side
  • Patented internal control-stretch system for maximum comfort and stability
  • Designed to accommodate both men and women
  • Fully adjustable for a custom fit and feel (see instructions here)


Tuba - 18" (Holster Width)
Harness Length Adjustment: 22"–29" (55.9cm–73.7cm)*

Small Tuba - 14" (Holster Width)
Harness Length Adjustment: 20"–27" (50.8cm–68.6cm)*

Euphonium - 12" (Holster Width)
Harness Length Adjustment: 18.5"–25.5" (47cm–64.8cm)*

Baritone/Euphonium - 10" (Holster Width)
Harness Length Adjustment: 17"–24" (43.2cm–61cm)*

*Measurement is approximately from top of shoulder to bottom of holster.

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