Mandolin/Ukulele Connectors & Tabs

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Neotech™ makes it even easier for mandolin and ukulele players to move their strap from one instrument to another. The Mandolin/Ukulele Connectors kit contains an extra pair of leather tab connectors to affix to an instrument's strap pins, plus a loop connector for scrolls or headstocks. These connectors attach via a sturdy 3/8" quick disconnect - making it easy to move the strap from one instrument to another.


The Mandolin/Ukulele Tabs contain a pair of slightly larger leather tabs with a bigger hole to accommodate instruments having built-in pickups with an end pin jack. With this set of two, a musician can leave one attached to each instrument, making changes even faster and more convenient.


  • Extra connectors for use on multiple instruments
  • Great for Ukuleles and Mandolins with strap pins
  • Available in two versions: Mandolin/Ukulele Connectors comes with two leather tab connectors and a scroll/headstock loop connector, while the Mandolin/Ukulele Tabs comes with two leather tab connectors with a larger hole to accommodate an end pin jack connector
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