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The Neotech™ Super Strap is the ultimate accessory for your Electric, Bass or Banjo. This strap has a unique system that makes your instrument feel lighter and softer on your shoulders. You won't believe how easy and comfortable it is to play with the Super Strap. The Super Strap also protects you from the shock of your awesome moves. You can rock on and on without any strain or pain.


  • Available in (3) versions: Electric, Bass & Banjo
  • Tailored neoprene pad with internal control-stretch design
  • Easy to attach
  • Very strong, durable and comfortable
  • Made in the USA


Shoulder to Strap Pin: 12"–16” (30.5cm–40.6cm)
Overall Length: 42"–53” (106.7cm–134.6cm)
Shoulder to Strap Pin: 7"–11" (17.8cm–27.9cm)
Overall Length: 33”–42” (83.8cm–106.7cm)
Shoulder to Front Connection: 15"–19” (38.1cm–48.3cm)
Overall Length: 46”–55” (116.8cm–139.7cm)


*To find the strap with the perfect fit: First, measure from the top of your shoulder to the instrument’s front strap pin. (This measurement insures that the pad is positioned properly). Second, measure the overall strap length from pin to pin for your desired playing position. Use both of these measurements in the chart below to select the ideal strap.


Recommended Load*: Up to 25 lbs (11.4 kg)
Pad Dimensions: 3.5" x 13" (8.89cm x 33.02cm)
Connection Type: Leather
Recommended Load*: Up to 25 lbs (11.4 kg)
Pad Dimensions: 3.5" x 13" (8.89cm x 33.02cm)
Connection Type: Loops (Neo-Loops)


*Note: The weight of an item is often perceived as being much heavier than the actual weight. The recommended load is the amount of weight that can be comfortably carried on the strap. Straps can safely carry much more.

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