Trombone Ultra-Grip

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Do you wish you could play your trombone with more ease and comfort? Introducing the Neotech™ Trombone Ultra-Grip, the revolutionary device supports the weight of your trombone while keeping it balanced. You can adjust it to fit most trombones and any hand size. The grip will create the effect of holding a feathery light instrument - helping you to enjoy the benefits of playing with less strain and more fun.


Musicians of all ages and those with smaller hands can hold a trombone eliminating stress on the hand and fingers. The Trombone Ultra-Grip balances the weight and gives added control, reducing the tendency to put too much lip pressure against the mouthpiece. Musicians can concentrate on their technique and music rather than on the strain of holding the instrument.


  • Fits most trombones
  • Creates a comfortable custom grip to support the weight of the instrument
  • Easy to attach
  • Adjustable to 18 positions
  • For musicians with multiple trombones, extra bushings are sold separately in our Trombone Bushing/Shim Kit
  • Made in the USA
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