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Super Harness™

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Quick Overview

Junior and Regular MSRP $49.75
X-Long MSRP $50.95

  • Fits most saxophones - ideal for Alto, Tenor and Bari saxophones
  • A design for men, women and youth
  • Easy to attach with a unique swivel hook, plastic-covered metal hook, or a loop connection (great for baritones)

The Super Harness offers unmatched comfort to the avid musician - from beginner to professional! This easy-to-use harness provides freedom of movement and the same weight reduction system found in other Neotech straps.

Product Review:

”The Neotech Super Harness™ is equipped with wide shoulder straps to distribute the load over a larger surface area; it provides a large amount of support with the harness system yet still allows for movement for play and expression.“ — Dr. Misty Austin, Performing Arts Physical Therapist
Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

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$49.75 - $50.95
$49.75 - $50.95

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