Neotech Straps Ambassador Feature: Edy Etukudo

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Edy Etukudo is a musician in Lagos, Nigeria. His instrument of choice is the bass guitar. He is well-known for his cover songs on the bass. I reached out to Edy to become an ambassador after seeing him tag Neotech Straps on his social media posts. He was always using his trusty Neotech Strap. I'm so excited to introduce you to Edy!

Thanks so much for taking the time for this interview, Edy!

Can you tell us what instruments you play?

I play the bass guitar.

How long have you been a musician and what made you starting playing the bass?

I first picked up the bass in 2014. When I got into the university, I made friends with someone who's so good that he just made me fall in love with the bass. So, I took it up- to learn how to produce such amazing, deep, soul-filled sounds.

What is your favorite style of music?

I love alternative rock, R and B, pop. Alternative rock- my favorite!

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What inspires you as a musician?

Sometimes, it is not inspiration that propels people to do music, but also major events in their lives.

For me, that has been the case on several occasions.

It was usually for the reasons to find inner solace and comfort that I turn to music.

Also, I draw inspiration from my mentors; Uncle Snoop, Barr Ken, to mention a few. Growing , they have really propelled me in the right direction... always going to be grateful for this.

What are some future goals you have as a musician?

I would love to go on tours, travel around the world doing music, spreading happiness, making an impact

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Where are you located? Please tell us a little more about yourself!

I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am a 24 year old Human Resource Consultant by day and musician at night, haha. I grew up in Nigeria- the giant of Africa. Nigeria is known to produce a huge number of amazing musicians and artists.

What covers do you like to play bass to?

I enjoy alternative rock gospel music. I also enjoy making afro-pop covers too. Every bass player loves R and B, haha.

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How did you build your following on Instagram?

During the lockdown, I decided to put myself out there. As of March 2020, I had about 1,300 followers, but once I started pushing creative music content and creating covers, popular artists and musicians discovered me. Getting reposts simply increased my reach!

How did you discover Neotech Straps and how long have you been using Neotech Straps?

During the lockdown, I was all over the web looking out for a bass strap I could get, as I needed all the comfort I could get. I stumbled the Neotech strap. Immediately, I felt that this strap would be perfect, I did not hesitate to get it immediately and I must say, to date, it's the best strap I have ever used.

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That makes us so happy to hear!!

Why should other musicians use Neotech Straps?

Neotech straps are durable, they look good, and they are extremely comfortable!! It feels like you're carrying nothing. I always complained of shoulder pains until I got a Neotech strap; so it's definitely always a good buy.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions, Edy! We are beyond thrilled to have you as our newest Neotech Straps ambassador! It's always great hearing your bass playing on Instagram and we look forward to hearing all the music you will create in the future!!

You can connect with Edy using the links below :)

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